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The Brazilian Machinery Builders´ Association (ABIMAQ) was founded in 1975 with the goal of acting for the strengthening of the domestic industry by mobilizing the sector, performing actions with the political and economic spheres, stimulating trade and international cooperation and contributing to enhance their performance in terms of technology, human resources training and management modernization.
Structured nationwide with 10 regional offices across the country, ABIMAQ System currently represents nearly 7,800 companies from different segments of manufacturers of mechanical capital goods, whose performance has a direct impact on other domestic productive sectors.
Over and above the institutional representation of industry, ABIMAQ has professional management and its activities aimed at generating business opportunities for its members, acting as a development agency in the domestic machinery and equipment industry.


The ABIMAQ lends a powerful voice on the national government and our local focal points are:

- Innovation and Technological Development;
- Exonerate of the Investiments;
- Competitive Financing;
- Incentive for the Exports;
- Trade Defense.


The ABIMAQ member companies have a variety of services that are orientated towards the needs of our members. Our main services are:

- The sectorial chambers;
- Fairs support in Brazil;
- Legal Department;
- Financing;
- Competitiveness, Economy and Statistics;
- IPDMAQ – The Innovation Agency;
- Courses and Training;
- Datamaq;
- Foreign business and exports;
B2B Portal.

For additional information about the organization, please send us an email to: deme@abimaq.org.br